The rapid global change causes a necessity to transform professional education in Indonesia. The transformation is meant to enable professional education to adapt and keep up with the change. Professional education has been in a critical stage facing globalisation and the development of technology. Globalisation has made professional education face such a tough competition. The development of technology has made the actual skills needed difficult to identify and the skills needed for the future difficult to figure out. Professional education should enable learners to understand, internalise, develop, and apply new knowledge in the changeable, complex, and interdependent world. The reality now and the hope that will be realised have been the strong stimuli for professional education to make transformation in this strong current change. Transformation is carried out to make the management of professional education more professional and to target the objective precisely. Customer-driven quality, leadership, human resources, commitment, total involvement, professional education as a system, management by fact and continuous improvement are some points that need to be taken into account in the transformation of professional education. Baca selengkapnya

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