The policy of capital structure is one of policies made by a company to maximize the wealth of the stockholders. The company needs to analyze a number of factors to identify the main factors that can influence the financing decision of the company. This research aims at finding factors influencing the amount of financial leverage in the manufacturing companies in Indonesia. The determinants of financial leverage are dividend payout ratio, investment, profitability, size of company, structure of asset and variability of earnings. The population used in this research is the manufacturing companies issuing complete financial statement and it is published in Indonesia Capital Market Directory starting from 2001 up to 2005. The sample of the research is chosen using purposive sampling method done by choosing objects having certain criteria. The companies meeting the criteria for five years are of the 732. This research finds that dividend payout ratio, profitability and variability of earnings have negative and significant impact toward financial leverage. On the other side, size and structure of assets have positive and significant impact toward the financial leverage. In this research, investment shows no significant impact toward financial leverage. Baca selengkapnya

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